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Defense Solutions International Group is a leading international project management company and specializes in the refurbishment, modernization, upgrade and support of Eastern Bloc armored vehicles, artillery, and helicopters. 

From construction and security to commodity trading and facility surveillance, we can help you every step of the way.

 Headquartered in the US near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we maintain satellite offices in Washington, DC, Budapest, Hungary, Dubnica, Slovakia and Baghdad, Iraq. 

Defense Solution International Group is the only company inspected and verified by the United States Army as having the capability to repair, maintain, and modernize large quantities of high-quality Eastern Bloc armored combat vehicles.

Services We Provide


FMS, Offset, Countertrade & ITAR Consulting

We provide a full range of services for organisations seeking to utilize the US Government’s Foreign Military Sales program


Armored Combat Vehicles & Logistics

We are the only company inspected and verified by the United States Army as having the capability to modernize large quantities of high-quality armored combat vehicles.


Infrastructure Construction

DSIG has unmatched reach and expertise. Construction regulations and labor laws around the world vary greatly. Whatever your project scope we can see it through.


Pipeline Construction

As a leading provider of oil and gas services and utility construction in the United States of America., we also have taken our expertise to the international arena



In less politically stable theatres, building is only half the battle. You must also provide ongoing security. We provide state-of-the-art technology to detect both natural disasters and saboteurs. 


NGO Support

We pride ourselves on our rapid response capabilities anywhere, anytime. We can and do provide support for a wide range of humanitarian and natural disasters. 


Commodity Trading

With global economic markets in turmoil, we also provide assistance with commodity trading to ensure our Client’s wealth is protected as far as is possible. We provide this on a case-by-case basis so please get in touch directly to find out more.