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As the only company inspected and verified by the United States Army as having the capability to repair, maintain, and modernize large quantities of high-quality Eastern Bloc armored combat vehicles you can be assured we can deliver the hardware you need. 

With decades of experience in a wide range of theatres of operations we can provide flexible and pertinent advice on not only the upgrade options but also how to maximize ongoing fleet and combat readiness. 


Our Mission

To provide quality professional services, vehicles, spare parts, tools, accessories, upgrades, and training to the international defense market. 

Our Vision

To become the world leading supplier of new, remanufactured, and upgraded armored vehicles, spare parts, tools, accessories, training and other material and professional services to the international defense market.

DSIG, Defense Program: Integrate Western (US, European) Technologies into Eastern Bloc Military Platforms has been working with Multi National Forces-Iraq coalition partners and their refurbishment facilities since 2004.  DSIG has the proven ability and track record to deliver armored vehicles for high-volume, short turn-around orders.  

DSIG is the only US company to contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Iraq, Multi National Security Transition Command-Iraq (MNSTC-I), and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to deliver remanufactured T-72 main battle tanks to Iraq.  Our production facilities are prepared to rapidly supply fully mission capable and safety certified (FMC/SC) armored vehicles and spare parts to satisfy our customer’s immediate requirements.

DSIG can prototype, test and evaluate at our desert test facility in Phoenix AZ, or in the customer’s home country facility. DSI’s management team has worked extensively in Eastern and Central Europe for the supply and refurbishment of BTR-80 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), T-72 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), Recovery Vehicles, and Maintenance, Ammunition, and Medical Evacuation Vehicles. DSIG is also able to supply BTR-70 (Upgraded) Personnel Carriers, MT-LB Personnel Carriers, BMP-1/2 Infantry Vehicles, and Self-Propelled Howitzers, and their associated spare parts and accessories.  Additionally, DSIG is able to implement an end-to-end solution, that includes full vehicle maintenance support, a spare parts logistics plan, and operator/maintainer training.

DSIG can quickly and cost effectively satisfy its customer’s requirements for fully mission capable and safety certified (FMC/SC) vehicles that are repaired to Level 4 maintenance in accordance with the latest Technical Manuals.  DSIG’s production facilities are ISO-certified ensuring quality processes and end products.

The DSIG is well known for its focus on execution by providing high quality products and services — equipment, integrated logistics support, maintenance, operating/maintainer training, and field support — all meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and delivered on time and within budget.


Integrated End-To-End Support

DSIG provides end-to-end support for both the refurbishing and upgrading of eastern bloc vehicles. Our full rang of services include: 

An example of the upgrades avalible can be seen in our popular T-72 upgrade package. Options include: 

We provide upgrade and refurbishment options to the following armoured vehicles amongst others.




Should you need something more specific, contact us directly to discuss your requirements today. 


Keeping You Moving In All Terrain

DSIG’s supply and maintenance personnel have performed unit level thru depot level repairs and modifications on a wide variety of combat track and wheeled vehicles, troop support items, and engineering equipment.

We provide upgrade and refurbishment options to the following wheeled vehicles amongst others.



Should you need anything more specific contact us directly to discuss your requirements today. 

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