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DSIG started in 2001 in water pipeline infrastructure. We have 20 years of experience in project management of large horizontal, vertical, and linear construction service for the oil and gas and telecommunications industry. The journey moved from Water Well Drilling to become successful builders in North America, Europe and Asia.  We provide solutions for a wide range of activities, pipelines, roads, and ports.  Additionally, we have expertise in electric grid and communications network design and construction. As a leading provider of oil and gas services and utility construction in the United States of America., we also have taken our expertise to the international arena.


Full project Management.
End-To-End Support.

DSIG offers a full range of pipeline construction services including horizontal, vertical and linear construction as well as support services and infrastructure. We specialise in the development of oil and natural gas fields with  full provision of services and ongoing maintenance. We also expand existing operations with the construction of additional pipelines as well as round the clock protection and operation teams, including for pumping stations and storage tanks. 

We offer a full range of drilling support services and can erect or re-erect refineries as needed. 

Needless to say we off full logistical and site protection support as well as a full battery of state of the art communications systems to ensure your facility remains secure. 

We are a global engineering solutions company and use major subcontractors for the USA, Ireland and the UK. We manage multiple pipelines, pump stations and reservoir storage tanks worldwide. We have built 15000 km of medium and low voltage lines and over 600 km of HV lines. If needed, we offer power line construction and complete project management and full implementation capacity.

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Always watching. Ever Ready.

We offer a full range of security and surveillance services for your facility. Our systems defend agains bothe over and underground activities. Our early alert system serves to reduce cost as well as assist in the early detection, classification and tracking of threats in any weather conditions. Where others go blind, we see. 

DSIG has placed over 50,000 km of fiber optic cable for communications and security. We have the capability to monitor seismic and acoustic signals, at both surface and subsurface. We utilize both U-Fence and HPG systems to ensure underground security on long defense lines. Our intelligent proprietary algorithms help distinguish different types of objects. From people and cars to cattle and wild animals. This minimizes the risk of false alarms. Our high-resolution surveillance ensures costs are kept down and installations remain secure.

Our systems monitor for structural failure, sabotage, vandalism and all other risks to your facility. If and when a leak is detected, we can move swiftly to rectify the situation, reducing economic loss.

Our solutions are covert, wired or wireless, operational 24/7 and cost effective. Moreover, our systems are scalable and adaptable to grow as your project grows.

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