The Sabra, known as the M60T in Turkish service, came outfitted with new active and passive armor, fire control system, a 120 mm smoothbore gun and 1000HP engine. Israel upgraded 170 of Turkey’s M60s with these capabilities which cost Turkey $687 million

In 2016, Turkey launched Operation Euphrates Shield against the Islamic State group and the Kurdish YPG in Syria. Turkey’s M60s, including the M60Ts, participated in large numbers in that operation and proved vulnerable to anti-tank missiles.

Since then, Turkey’s ASELSAN defense firm upgraded the country’s M60T fleet, notably equipping those tanks with new active protection systems to make them more capable of withstanding hits from anti-tank missiles and other such threats.

These programs demonstrate how Middle East powers are becoming increasingly more capable of modifying, upgrading and producing new variants of their tanks and ensuring they will have significantly longer service-lives in that notoriously conflict prone part of the world.